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Backyard Overhaul & Landscaping

Most people on Vancouver Island love the outdoors and want to spend any days that it isn’t raining enjoying the warm weather. When we were contacted by this Client, they were struggling to love their backyard, and it was very obvious why when we came to walk through. It was muddy, hard to landscape at its current state, and had no place to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

With a little digging we were able to find out that the client wanted a nicely landscaped yard, that was easy to maintain and that they could sit on a patio by the fireplace with a drink and enjoy the sun or a cool summer night.

We brought the yard to life by bringing in our landscaper and designer to create a beautiful sitting area under a custom built pergola so the clients could enjoy the fire and still sit under the sun. And extended the patio and redid the brickwork to create a design that spoke to the rest of the landscaping.

Another element that had to be addressed was the yard sloping into the driveway. With a custom built retaining wall we created not only a better driveway to the garage, but a guarantee that the landscaping and grass wouldn’t slide into the drive. With an updated brick drive and the retaining wall holding everything together we started on the landscaping. Working with new grass, plants and trees that complimented the backyards needs we were able to create a yard that was relaxing, durable to the west coast weather and absolutely beautiful.

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