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Bathroom Modernization

Renovations don’t always have to be big projects. Sometimes simply updating a bathroom or two helps your space feel more comfortable and accommodating. When this client came to us, they were living with a master bathroom that had a shower so small you couldn’t bend down to grab the soap that fell on the floor. They wanted to have a master bathroom that felt modern and offered space for them to get ready without feeling cramped.

With a little walkthrough of the space we determined that the second bathroom in the house (that was located behind their master bath) had plenty of space. With a little planning and design we were able to extend the master bath into the second bathroom by taking out the wall and moving it to create 2 bathrooms that were functional. This change allowed for a larger shower and more space to stand at the vanity within the master bathroom.

While extending the master bath was a must, we also wanted to create bathrooms that spoke to the style of their home and the clients want for modernized details. So we added some beautiful tile work in the shower, updated vanities, a unique towel drying bar, new lighting and clean black accents. All helping to create the bathrooms that function for everyone in the home.

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