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Telegraph Cove Basement Restoration

The great storm of 2021 hit a lot of homes with unprecedented amounts of water and a ton of flood damage. When this client came to us, their entire basement, including the owner’s hair salon, was 2 feet under water. We came on board and started helping them dry out their space and determine exactly what we needed to do to make this client’s basement usable again.

We started with taking all the materials out that we couldn’t salvage and drying the place out so no mold or mildew was going to come through the walls and floors. We ensured that we fixed any issues related to the flooding (including uncovering a drain that had been covered to help with problems such as this!) and working to redo the walls, floors, doors, and everything in between.

The client wanted to brighten up the space and add some charcoal accents. We helped pick a beautiful new floor, added more lighting, painted the full basement, added new doors, updated the ensuite/salon kitchen with new cabinets and made the bathroom more modern with a new vanity and lighting to brighten up the space for salon clients. The feature fireplace they had was a beautiful brick fireplace and with a little charcoal paint we were able to create a stunning grand statement piece for the living room area of the basement. We also added a cute little custom wood work salon entrance bench for salon clients to put their coats and put on their shoes.

After a lot of despair, we were able to help these clients feel excited to use their basement and enjoy the space as it was always meant to be enjoyed.

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